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Weld plastic? Repairing plastic? RiPlastic™ restores all plastic materials.

Weld the plastic has never been so easy with RiPlastic™: the tool with pre-cut staples that allows the repair of plastic items with the same result of a welding process.

Learn how to weld the plastic will be quick and easy.

RiPlastic™ can be used on every type of plastic of cars, motorcycles, minibikes, vintage motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, as well as trailers and motorhomes. At home RiPlastic™ ensures the repair of household appliances and any plastic material.

With RiPlastic™ you can repair plastic parts of fishing boats, yachts and any other type of vessel, sail or motor propelled.

Pre-cut Staples and applications

The pre-cut staple, made in stainless steel and patented by MWM, easily breaks below the plastic level leaving no sticky ends.

Squiggle staplesSquiggle staples: prevent the spread of the broken point
Winding staplesWinding staples: allow you 5 points of grip

RiPlastic's staples application
Inside corner squiggle staplesInside corner squiggle staples: fit interior angles at 90 degrees
Plastic Smart SmootherPlastic Smart Smoother: flattes the edges of the finished work
RiPlastic's staples application

How to use RiPlastic™

Insert the power supply, a red light will confirm the operational status.
Choose and place the staple depending on the surface to be repaired.
Put the staple on the surface and press the button to insert it.
Release the button, wait a few seconds and take the staple off.
Break the staple with your fingers.
Smooth the plastic edges.

RiPlastic ™ can be used on any plastic material:

Riplastic package Package Contents:
Riplastic package contents
50 staples pakages are available
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